About us

TheTechyBoss is your one-stop-destination for extensive reviews and buying guides on products across a wide range of categories including Electronics, Health and Beauty, Home and Kitchen, Automotive, Clothing, Shoes, Toys and Games, Sports, Personal Care, and more.

We are readers and consumers of our own content. We research what we write, re-research it, take in customer feedback, and produce content that we are confident will help readers in making informed buying decisions.

We do not write for the sake of writing and adding content to the website. Rather, we understand the product we write about and take a lot of care to not give misleading information that can lead to poor customer choices.

Trust us. We have been there. We have experienced the pain of reading a few online articles from so-called trustworthy review websites before making a purchase, only to regret the buying decision later. We have come to know that these are articles that have been written to quickly grab reader’s attention, give not-so-well-researched product choices, and bang affiliate commissions on sales. We are NOT them!

In fact, we stand by our choices and selections. We do not recommend products that we ourselves are not confident of buying. We are both the writers and the consumers. When we are looking for products to buy from certain categories, we turn to our content to shortlist products we’d want to buy.

We are the voice that we trust and as it has come to be, the voice that customers trust!

Adam Lloyd – Lover of technology. If there is tech behind it, Adam has got it covered. He has been a lover of technology ever since encountering the Commodore 64 that his dad brought home when he was a teenager. His reviews and buying guides are in-depth and covers in detail everything you want to know before making an informed buying decision.

Maria – She doesn’t like to skim through product descriptions. She likes to understand what she reads. This makes Maria understand and analyze products before buying them. She is almost always right with her choices and takes pride in her extensive reviews and guides.

For more info, you can contact us at info@thetechyboss.com