Best 2.1 Speakers (2023)

Are you ready to take your audio experience to the next level? Sure, built-in speakers can do the job, but let’s be real – they just can’t compare to the heart-pumping, soul-stirring immersion that a quality sound system provides.

When you’re watching a movie, listening to your favorite tunes, or engaging in an epic video game battle, you don’t want to settle for “okay” sound. You want to feel like you’re right in the middle of the action, with every note and sound effect coming through crystal clear and surrounding you from all directions.

That’s why you need to invest in the best 2.1 speakers that money can buy! Don’t just settle for mediocre sound – embrace the power of premium audio and immerse yourself in a world of sound that will take your breath away.

Our Picks for the Best 2.1 Speakers

Let’s face it, with so many speakers on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve put together a list of the best 2.1 speakers that will elevate your music, movies, and gaming to new heights. So sit back, relax, and let’s find the perfect speakers for you!

1. Edifier S350DB (Best Quality)

Looking for a speaker system that delivers high-quality sound and sleek design? Look no further than the Edifier S350DB! These speakers boast an 8-inch subwoofer and titanium tweeters for a crisp and clear sound that will bring your music, movies, and video games to life.

The subwoofer features a reflex port on the side, which improves airflow and wave propagation for a nice rumble. Plus, with Bluetooth streaming, an integrated EQ, and a wireless remote, these speakers have all the features you need for a modern audio setup.

While the Edifier S350DB doesn’t have a headphone jack, it’s still a top-quality option for anyone looking to upgrade their sound system. So why wait? Grab your set today and experience the difference for yourself!

2. Bose Companion 5 (Best for Sound System)

Looking for a sound system that has it all? Look no further than the Bose Companion 5 speakers! Not only are they sleek and stylish, but they are also incredibly versatile.

One of the best things about these speakers is how easy they are to set up. You won’t have to deal with any complicated software or connections. Simply plug them in and enjoy!

Another great feature is the control pod. It’s a convenient hub for all of your adjustments and connections. With touch controls, an easy-to-use volume knob, and several handy connections, it’s the perfect addition to your setup.

And if you’re looking for headphones or an AUX cable, the Bose Companion 5 has got you covered. With pedestal-style speakers that can handle anything you throw at them, you’ll be able to enjoy virtual surround sound that will blow you away.

3. Logitech G560 (Best for PC)

Here are some Logitech speakers that will take your PC gaming experience to the next level! The G560 offers some great features that will make your setup look and sound amazing.

First off, the customizable RGB backlighting is a standout feature that will add some pizzazz to your desk. But let’s talk about the sound quality. The simulated 3D audio through DTS:X Ultra surround sound is truly impressive. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the game!

Don’t worry if you’re not a gamer – these speakers are versatile enough to handle music and videos too. The Logitech software is an added bonus that lets you customize your listening experience to your exact preferences.

4. Klipsch ProMedia (Best Bass 2.1 Speakers)

For the bass heads, Klipsch’s THX-certified speakers have got you covered! Despite being compact enough to sit on your desk, they’re capable of producing powerful sound. The subwoofer is also conveniently sized, making it easy to place it in your preferred spot.

One standout feature of these speakers is the MicroTractrix horn. This proprietary technology allows the sound to be directed with precision, creating a wide soundstage that covers the entire area of your listening space. This results in a more realistic listening experience for music, as well as an immersive experience for movies and games. Plus, there’s no need to fiddle with any settings – just position the speakers correctly!

6. Logitech Z337 (Best for Bluetooth)

Logitech strikes again with another fantastic set of speakers! The Z623 model is perfect for anyone who wants powerful, no-fuss audio performance. With a peak output of 400 watts, these speakers pack a serious punch.

They also carry the coveted THX certification. This means they’ve passed a rigorous set of tests to ensure they meet strict audio standards. You can rest assured that you’re getting top-notch sound quality.

But don’t let that technical jargon fool you. The Z623s are incredibly easy to use. There’s no need for any software installation, just plug them in and you’re ready to go. The speakers also have a variety of inputs, so you can connect them to almost anything.

One of our favorite features is the physical controls located on the right speaker. You can easily adjust the volume, bass output, and auxiliary connections without having to navigate any confusing menus.

7. Cyber Acoustics (Best for Budget)

Looking for an affordable 2.1 audio setup? Look no further than Cyber Acoustics! These speakers may not have the top-of-the-line sound quality that our other top picks offer, but they still deliver a great audio experience at a fraction of the cost.

The satellite speakers are powered by 2-inch drivers that can reproduce a decent frequency spectrum. Despite their small size, they produce warm and open sound at standard listening levels. Meanwhile, the 4-inch subwoofer handles the low-end frequencies, and it features an open port on the side to help resonate the bass frequencies and address any issues that might come from the small footprint.

Setup is easy, and the feature-rich controller lets you adjust the volume, bass, and treble to your liking. Plus, the low price tag makes this option perfect for anyone on a budget.

9. Edifier USA Prisma (Best Satellite 2.1 Speakers)

Looking for something eye-catching? These Harman Kardon speakers will definitely turn heads! Their clear plastic exterior showcases the electronics within, while their fluid shape exudes a futuristic yet retro vibe.

But looks aren’t everything. These speakers are also top performers when it comes to audio quality. Harman Kardon is a well-respected brand, and it shows in the attention to detail. Multiple transducers in each satellite speaker provide accurate sound reproduction, while the subwoofer’s downward-facing driver delivers omnidirectional bass.

Setting up the speakers is a breeze, and the discrete touch controls make adjusting the sound easy. Although not the most powerful option on the market, these speakers are definitely worth considering if you’re after a unique look and great sound quality.

Factors to consider when buying Best 2.1 Speakers

it’s important to know what to look for in a quality set of speakers. After all, the overall experience will largely depend on the quality of your equipment.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind as you search for your perfect pair:

Easy to Setup

If you’re not exactly a tech whiz, fear not – we totally get it! That’s why when it comes to choosing the best 2.1 speakers, it’s essential to opt for a setup that’s easy to use and hassle-free.

Steer clear of complicated surround sound systems with tons of unnecessary bells and whistles. Instead, opt for clean setups with minimal connections, and maybe a little bit of software to help adjust the experience (if you’re comfortable using it, that is!). Trust us – keeping things simple will make all the difference in the long run.

Another factor to consider is connectivity. Make sure to choose speakers that match your amplifier, if you have one. And don’t overlook the benefits of plug-and-play speakers with USB ports, line-in jacks, Bluetooth capabilities, and more. These features can really expand your listening possibilities and take your audio experience to the next level!


Now we’re getting to the fun stuff – useful features that can really enhance your listening experience!

First up, remote controls. There’s nothing quite like being able to adjust the volume or skip a track without having to get up from your cozy spot on the couch. And if you’re sharing a living space with others, a headphone jack can be a lifesaver when you want to enjoy your tunes without disturbing anyone else.

But the extras don’t stop there. Look for speakers with built-in physical EQ controls to fine-tune your sound just the way you like it. And if you’re looking for a little extra flair, consider style-focused speakers with LED lights and touch controls to complete your setup in style.

Whatever your preferences, there are plenty of features to choose from that can help take your audio experience to the next level!

THX Certification

You know that iconic, earth-shattering sound that used to play before movies? If you’re a big movie buff, the THX logo is probably etched into your memory!

But THX is more than just a catchy jingle. It’s a company that sets the standard for audio reproduction in cinemas and home theaters. And if you see that little THX certification logo on your speakers, you know you’re in for a treat.

THX certification is the “Gold Standard” for audio quality. It means that your speakers have gone through rigorous testing to ensure they can replicate sound at reference quality. So when you’re watching your favorite movies or listening to music, you can rest assured that you’re getting the sound quality that was intended by the creators.

Simply put, always look for THX-certified gear when possible. It’s a stamp of approval that you can trust!

What are 2.1 Speakers?

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – what exactly are 2.1 speakers? You may have noticed these numbers on audio equipment before, alongside other numbers like 5.1, 7.1, and 10.2. But what do they all mean?

Simply put, these numbers represent the number of separate audio channels in an external sound system, often used for surround sound setups. Among them, 2.1 speakers are one of the most straightforward options – a step up from basic built-in speakers, but not too over-the-top either. They’re the perfect choice for pairing with your TV, computer, or audio player.

So what do those numbers actually signify? In a 2.1 system, you’ll have two main speakers (hence the “2”) and one subwoofer (represented by the “0.1”). The left and right speakers handle the respective audio channels, while the subwoofer adds that all-important booming bass that really takes your audio experience to the next level.

Are 2.1 Speakers Worth it?

If you’re wondering whether 2.1 speakers are worth the investment, let us assure you – we wouldn’t be putting together this guide if we didn’t believe they were!

In fact, the best 2.1 speakers serve as an essential foundation for your audio setup, covering all the basics and more. When you use external speakers, you can tap into a whole new level of power to drive your audio, without being limited by the capabilities of your integrated sound chips. Plus, if you pair them with a quality amp, you can achieve the kind of immersive sound that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

One of the best things about 2.1 speakers is how they enhance the distinction between channels, creating a wider and more realistic sound stage with increased fidelity. The result? Audio that just sounds better, whether you’re jamming out to your favorite tunes or watching an epic blockbuster movie. Trust us – the proof is in the pudding, and the results speak for themselves.

Do You Need a Subwoofer to Enjoy Music?

Music lovers can definitely benefit from adding a subwoofer to their audio setup. While a subwoofer alone might not sound like music, it can make all the difference once blended with surrounding satellite speakers.

Subwoofers cover the frequency range between 20 and 200 Hz, capturing the subtle nuances of lower instruments like the kick drum or the grand piano’s full-bodied resonance. Without a subwoofer, these lower tones may be eliminated, resulting in a tinny and light sound.

By adding a subwoofer to your system, you can experience music as it was meant to be heard, with all the instruments’ richness and fullness. The subwoofer replicates these instruments’ sounds and can make you feel like you’re in the same room as the performers.

Where is the Best Place to Put the Subwoofer?

The subwoofer’s placement is crucial for optimal performance. For TV setups, the best position is usually in front of you, below the television. However, for other setups like music centers or computers, it may require some creativity.

One popular suggestion is to place it in a corner of the room, taking advantage of reflections to amplify the output. But be cautious not to put it too close to a flat wall, as this can cause standing waves, resulting in a harsh and muddled sound.

It’s important to leave sufficient room around the subwoofer to allow the sound waves to move freely. Additionally, the subwoofer should be in earshot of the listening position, even though it is nondirectional.

It may take some trial and error to find the ideal spot, so experimenting with a few different locations on the floor is recommended to achieve the best sound quality.

Can I Add More Speakers to a 2.1 System?

Adding speakers requires planning and working within the limitations of your amplifier or computer sound card.

Some systems only have enough channels and crossover capabilities to handle three components (the two speakers and the sub). In that case, upgrading your amplifier would be necessary to fully utilize additional speakers. Otherwise, you risk overloading or missing out on sound information.

Additionally, you need to ensure that you’re using audio with sufficient encoded channels. Fortunately, this is not difficult nowadays, as the standard for Blu-ray formats is eight channels.

That said, 2.1 speakers are fully capable of being a part of an expanding system! Surround sound is complex, and with the right equipment, you can add speakers later and enhance your setup.

Best 2.1 Speakers Summary

upgrading to 2.1 speakers can enhance your audio experience and provide immersive sound for movies, music, and video games. While all the speakers reviewed in this article offer an improvement from standard in-the-box systems, the Edifier S350DB 2.1 speakers stand out as the clear winner in terms of sound quality and features.

Compared to Logitech, Cyber Acoustics, and Harman Kardon, the Edifier system’s larger size accommodates an 8-inch subwoofer that provides clear and resonant bass. The satellite speakers are also exceptional, thanks to the titanium dome tweeter that delivers crisp and immersive sound.

The speakers’ Bluetooth connectivity further adds to their appeal, and while they may lack an integrated headphone jack, their sound quality is so good that you won’t want to use headphones anyway. Overall, the Edifier S350DB 2.1 speakers offer excellent value and performance, making them a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their audio setup.

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