Printers are beginning to be high demand due to a multiplicity of reasons. Some for enormous office workload, while are just needed for little workloads or home assignment. Though reason may differ, the fact remains that printers allow for work efficiency and simplifies a lot of tasks. There are different types of printers; laser jet, Ink jet etc., which are all appropriate in the respective specialty of use. However, the Color Laser Photo printer has its own specialty and uniqueness

Therefore, we have carefully compiled and outlined, Best Color Laser Printers in 2020. Each of these laser photo printer outlined below has also been reviewed, with a view to giving you just what you need. Before you proceed to make any purchase of what you think is the best laser printer for photos, why not sit back and tight and go through our buyer’s guide so as to guide in ensuring you make the right choice and you certainly get and derive value coupled with utmost satisfaction for your money. 

Color Laser Photo Printer makes it easier to work from the office and even your home workspace. It replicates images by transferring it to a paper. Color Laser Printers are used to print documents, brochures, flyers  

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List of Best Color Laser Printers

  1. Brother HL-L3210CW
  2. Canon Color Image CLASS LBP622Cdw
  3. HP Color Laser Jet Pro Multifunction M479fdw
  4. HP Color Laser Jet Pro M454dw
  5. Brother Business Color Laser Printer, HL-L8360CDW

Best Color Laser Printers – Reviews


Brother HL-L3210CW Compact Digital Color Printer Providing Laser Printer Quality Results with Wireless

  • Most appropriate for both home office or your small workplace
  • It has a 19 PPM printing speed for both color and B/W

The Brother HL-L3210CW is an ideal home office color laser printer. It is a cost-effective laser jet photo printer, producing a high-quality photo print. It can print in both black and white and colored. 

With a speed of 19 PPM, and a color resolution of 600 x 2400, the photo quality is top-notch, as it equally supports any type of paper size, and has a monthly printing capacity of about 30,000 pages. 

Having a paper tray of 250 sheets, it can print up to 30,000 pages in a month and 15,000 per day. It can be wirelessly connected to your device. It is cost-effective and easy to maintain as it possesses a toner saver mode which helps in saving toner cost, and 4 cartridges, making it affordable to replace. 

This is a low cost budget printer which will still give the best color print. 

Product Features

  • Most appropriate for both home office or your small workplace
  • It has a 19 PPM printing speed for both color and B/W
  • It has a color resolution reaching about 600 x 2400 DPI
  • It has 4 different cartridges
  • Paper Tray of 250 Sheets
  • It has a mode for Toner saving
  • High yield toners that are affordable and easily accessible
  • It possess a printing capacity of a maximum of 30,000 pages in a month. 


  • 19 PPM Speed
  • 600 x 2400 DPI
  • A monthly printing capacity of about 30,000 pages and 15,000 per day. 


Canon Color Image CLASS LBP622Cdw -Wireless, Mobile Ready, Duplex Laser Printer, Compact Size - White

  • It is a wireless laserjet printer
  • It can connect directly to various devices without the need for any router

The Canon Color Image CLASS LBP622Cdw is one of the best laser photo printer you can ever come across. Unlike other types of laser photo printer, it is a wireless printer. It does not need a router but rather makes use of hotspot to connect directly to about 5 different devices. That’s why it is called a wireless color laser photo printer

It is cost and time effective; saves times and it’s affordable. It delivers a reliable canon signature aided by its strong engine performance. Possessing a speed of 22PM, it has a monthly printing capacity of about 2,500 pages. 

It also maintains a high productivity aided by its 600 x 600DPI quality resolutions. It is a “Print-as-you-go” type of printer with the use of wireless supports i.e., Mopria, Google Cloud Print etc. For ease of convenience this printer can work with either an android or most IOS devices.

Small and medium scale businesses will find it very much suitable, because it is easy to maintain and can be connected to various devices. It can store data for long so there is a low probability of the leak of sensitive information. 

This photo quality laser printer easily be set and requires not a special expertise. With its high capacity all-in-on cartridge, it reduces minimally wastage of papers and can print on both pages of a paper. 

Interesting Features

  • It is a wireless laserjet printer
  • It can connect directly to various devices without the need for any router
  • It makes use of hotspot for connection
  • It is cost-effective and suitable for small scale or medium-sized businesses. 
  • It can connect to about 5 devices at the same time. 
  • For security and safety purposes it does not store data for long.
  • It possesses an all-in-one high capacity cartridge. 


  • 22 PPM Speed
  • 600 x 600 DPI
  • A monthly printing capacity of about 2500 pages

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3. HP Color Laser Jet Pro Multifunction M479fdw (THE COLOR LASER PHOTO PRINTER)

The HP Color Laser Jet Pro Multifunction M479fdw, supports different printing media types such as Envelopes, paper (plain), Card Stock, Labels, Glossy photo paper and a high resolution paper. It also supports printing on both sides of paper.

This photo laser printer has a 300-sheet total input capacity and a 150-sheet output bin. The 4.3-inch color touch screen has a 50-sheet auto document feeder with single pass, 2 sided scanning as well as a flatbed scanner

Interesting Features

  • It has an instant threat notification
  • A security pin to prevent unauthorized access
  • Has an In-built Wi-Fi connection
  • Can be connected directly to your smartphone
  • It has different printing media types.
  • It has a fast print speed. 
  • It has an enhanced workflow. 


  • 28 PPM black/color
  • 300 total sheet input
  • 150 total sheet output
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi with Bluetooth and low energy

4. HP Color Laser Jet Pro M454dw / (THE BEST LASER PHOTO PRINTER)

The HP Color Laser Jet Pro M454dw is a laser photo printer possesses a strong security system for unauthorized access and theft of sensitive data and information. It has an auto on and off technology that needs no manual operation. The 2.7 inch color touch screen can print on both sides of the paper, having a 300 sheet total input capacity and 150-sheet output bin. 

It has a dual band Wi-Fi with Bluetooth low energy with a monthly printing capacity of about 50 pages. The Cartridges and the toner can be easily replaced making it a cost effective and very easy to maintain.  This reduces to a considerable extent, wastage of papers and unnecessary printings. 

Interesting Features

  • Auto on and off Technology
  • Auto 2 sided Printing
  • A strong security system
  • fast Print Speed
  • Easy cartridge Replacement
  • A monthly printing capacity of up to 4000 pages. 


  • 28 PPM Speed
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi
  • 150 sheet output
  • 300-sheet total input capacity

5. Brother Business Color Laser Printer, HL-L8360CDW: (THE LASER PRINTER FOR PHOTOS)

The Brother Business Color Laser Printer, HL-L8360CDW is a fast color and black printer with a speed of 33 PM. It also supports wireless connectivity to your smartphone, laptop, and other devices. 

It is easy to maintain as its cartridge can be easily replaceable. With this color laser photo printer, unnecessary wastage and duplicate of paper can be avoided as it helps saves paper with automatic its default setting; automatic duplex setting. 

This 2.7 photo quality laser printer touchscreen offers easy menu navigation and printing from different business cloud services. It has a 50-sheet capacity paper tray that can be adjusted to support the different paper types, as well as a 50-sheet capacity multi-purpose tray. 

Interesting Features

  • Low Cost Printing
  • Triple Layer Security
  • Replaceable Toner Cartridge
  • Fast high quality business  printing 


  • 33 PPM Speed
  • 27 color touchscreen display
  • Integrated NFC card reader


Color Laser Photo Printer comes with different features which might make it quite hard to make a pick. However, this buyer’s focuses on key aspects to pay attention to when faced with multiple options of photo laser printer. Your photos laser printer must be able to provide rich and quality photos and serve other numerous functions.

There are certain factors that should be carefully considered such as 

  • The quality and speed of print, 
  • Color Resolution
  • Mode of connection, 
  • User-friendliness, 
  • The cost of maintenance, 
  • Workflow or work capacity, 
  • Paper support type and many others. 

The Quality and Speed of Print:

In order to have an enhanced workflow, you must ensure that your photo laser printer possesses the required speed. 

Color Resolution:

The Color Resolution of your Photos Laser Printer also adds to the quality of the print picture. 

Mode of Connection:

While some laser photo printers stick to the traditional and conventional USB mode of connection; several other printers too are having a wireless-enabled connection. Therefore the best color laser jet printer will be one that supports both the USB and wireless mode of connection. 

User Friendliness:

Your Color laser jet printer must be user friendly. The mode of operation can either be with buttons or touchscreens. A user-friendly laser jet printer should be able to sync to cloud or Google Drive. It makes it easy to operate and simplifies tasks. 

The Cost of Maintenance:

Your photos laser jet printer must have a low cost of maintenance. Ensure the cartridge and toner can be easily replaceable. 

Workflow or Work Capacity:

The workflow capacity refers to the number of sheet input and sheets and output as well as the monthly capacity of the printout. 

Paper Support Type:

The most supported paper type supported by printers generally is A4 papers. However, for any optimized and productive workflow, it will be a plus if it supports other paper types and has a large paper capacity. 


Compiled below are frequently asked question of people about Color laser photo printer and photo quality. Answers have also been provided so as acquaint the buyers with the appropriate response. 

Q: What are the disadvantages of a laser photo printer? 

A: The advantages of a laser photo printer far outweigh its disadvantages. A photo-quality laser printer is cost-effective and easy to maintain. The toners and cartridges last long and can be easily replaced. It does not need to be replaced every time as long as the set and use the only printing mode you need at the moment.  

Q:  Can Photos be printed on a Color laser photo printer.

A: It is a photo laser printer, so, yes! It can print quality colored photos. 

Q: What is the working life-span of a normal Color laser photo printer?

A: photo laser printers are not expected to work forever. However, they all have an expected working duration efficiency. Photo quality laser is expected to work for 5 years before developing any fault. However, before then, the Cartridges, Toners, or any other part as required might need replacement. 

Q: What are the Advantages of a Color Laser Printer?

A: Photos quality laser printer offers you quite a number of interesting and captivating features which include but are not limited to, speed, efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, longevity, paper economical, cost-effective, time-effective, connectivity, paper handling, etc. 

Q:  Are Color Laser Photo Printer better than an Inkjet Printer

A: What makes the photos laser printer stand out amongst other types of printer is that it is cost-effective and easy to maintain. It is also paper friendly reducing to the barest minimum paper wastage unnecessary re-printing and the easy replacement of toners and cartridges. 


This article has set out to examine the best color laser jet printer with a view to helping you make a decision when making a purchase. I hope this purpose has been achieved.

You are now a step ahead from any other person because you have acquainted yourself with the necessary features and specifications for the best color laser printer for photos. More importantly, one should have a clear sense of direction as to the type of workflow you intend to use your laser jet printer for. So you make your purchase in line with the work capacity needed.