Do you want your employees to wear ID cards? Then, you need ID card printers to serve your purpose. ID cards have turned out to be the best way of identifying an authorized person. The unique ID card enables you to distinguish your workers from visitors very easily. The professional badge is also effective for gaining the trust of customers. Surely, you may place the order of ID card design services from any online site. However, the smartest solution for you is to invest in a high quality ID card printer.

Now, we have picked the best ID card printers and reviewed their features. You may go through our reviews to make your purchase decision.

Quick Comparison Table of ID Card Printers

Printer model Number of sides Printing speed Connections Price
Badgy100 Color Plastic ID Card Printer Single sided 38 seconds for a color badge USB Check Price on Amazon
 Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer Single sided 35 seconds for a full-color photo ID and 6 seconds for black and white cards USB Check Price on Amazon
 Badgy100 Color Plastic Card Printer Single sided 38 seconds per card USB Check Price on Amazon
Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer Dual sided 25 seconds for color cards and 7 seconds for monochrome cards USB and Ethernet Check Price on Amazon
Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer Dual sided 35 seconds per card USB and Ethernet Check Price on Amazon
Fargo DTC1250e ID Card Printer Single sided 16 seconds for a full-color photo ID and 3 seconds for a monochrome ID USB Check Price on Amazon

Top 6 Best ID Card Printers List

6 Best ID Card Printers Reviews

1. Badgy100 Color Plastic ID Card Printer

Badgy100 Color Plastic ID Card Printer with Complete Supplies Package with Bodno ID Software

  • Compact and attractive design- Easy to move to any place
  • Integrated with USB connectivity

Designed by Evolis printers, Badgy100 ID card printer is an affordable model for customers with a tight budget. It enables you to print your badges and ID cards and serves your single-sided printing purpose. You may choose a monochrome or full-color solution based on your needs. The system relies on direct-to-card printing technology, and it accomplishes its work within 45 seconds. You may use it for employee cards, visitor badges, loyalty cards, event IDs, and school IDs. You need glossy photo paper to get colored printouts with this printer.

The Badgy100 ID card printer is the right choice for small companies and medium-sized businesses that need to print almost 1000 cards every year. The capability of importing database is one of the professional features of this printer. Use the printer to get printouts of tamper-proof badges. You can customize them with bar codes, messages, logos, phones, and QR codes.  

Manufacturers have provided you with a comprehensive package, as you get the design software, free cards, cables, and color ribbon. The system has also LED buttons to send you notifications and alerts on the need for a new ribbon.

Make sure that you are using CR80 PVC plastic cards to use any Evolis printer, like Badgy100. This printer does not work with other ID card formats, like CR100 and CR79.


  • Compact and attractive design- Easy to move to any place
  • Integrated with USB connectivity
  • Front-operated 25-card capacity hoppers 
  • The ribbon system is easy to load
  • Compatible with PC and Mac friendly Bodno Photo ID Software
  • 300 PVC Cards
  • 31 single-sided ID Card printer
  • Full color 250 prints ribbon


  • User-friendly and easy to set up
  • Offers near-to-edge printing solutions
  • Durable plastic design
  • Best for advanced users and beginners


  • No option for automated upgrading for dual-sided printing

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2. Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

Every time you hire employees for your company, you need to print ID cards that represent the identity of those new workers. Magicard Pronto is one of the feature-rich ID card printing systems designed for low-volume printing. When you have chosen some other service providers to print your cards, it may result in higher costs and slow turnaround time. That is why Magicard Pronto is the best solution to it.

One of the notable features of Pronto is watermark security. There are four Holo-Kote watermark patterns, and you may choose any of them. These watermarks help in distinguishing the unauthorized cards from the authorized ones. You can print the watermark on one or both sides of the ID card in one pass.

This print engine includes almost every feature found in the bigger models. For instance, you can find options for magnetic encoding and edge-to-edge printing. Pronto is capable of printing CR80 and CR79 card stocks. What’s more, it also prints something on rewritable cards for the fastest solution. The single-feed ID printer is a versatile system with potential to print a full color badge within 35 seconds.

The overall configuration becomes easy with the new driver. The recently updated driver V2 has an intuitive interface. However, when you are presently using the driver, you have to update it.


  • Compact direct-to-card printer
  • Single feed printer
  • Maximum 300 images per ribbon
  • Capable of managing 30 cards in every batch
  • Connection type – USB
  • Best for printing the cards with thickness ranging from 20 to 40 mil
  • Includes Bodno ID Card Software with templates


  • Direct-to-card printing
  • Built-in rewriting functionalities
  • Highly powerful and ensure fast performance
  • Takes up minimum space on your deck


  • White line on one side

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3. Badgy100 Color Plastic Card Printer

Badgy100 Color Plastic Card Printer

  • Ergonomic and attractive
  • Printing speed- Ranges from 45 sec/card to 80 cards/hour

We have chosen this model as the cheap ID card printer for occasion card printing needs. It is an all-in-one printer capable of printing up to 50 times. You can find some blank and highly compatible PVC cards in this package.

Although Badgy100 is not an edge-to-edge printer, it leaves a negligible space around the margin of every paper. You may use Mac and Windows devices to use the print engine. Moreover, the printer is perfect for both full-color and monochrome printing versions.

Badgy100 is a single-sided printer, and thus, you have to reverse the card after printing on one side. To simplify your printing process, the manufacturer has included the Bronze edition of Bodno Software. The software presents you with the 1D barcode feature and a special database system to store the favorite design for your future use.

One of the best facts is that you can easily avail of Badgy100 consumable kits, which include everything that you need for printing 100 badges. To get the design option, you can download the free card template library.

The printer works on the dye-sublimation printing technology that applies heat to transfer dye onto fabrics, papers, cards, plastics, and other materials. You can now buy this compact, technologically advanced Badgy100 printer and place it anywhere in your office.


  • Help in personalizing badges and cards
  • Printing speed- Ranges from 45 sec/card to 80 cards/hour
  • Printable area- Margin of 1.35 mm
  • Print resolution is about 300 DPI
  • Includes ID card software, 100 cards and a color ribbon
  • Compatible with PC and MAC devices
  • Comes with a USB cable


  • Ergonomic and attractive
  • Portable- Easy to carry to any site
  • Easy to install ribbon cassettes
  • High-quality vibrant print reflecting professionalism


  • Difficulties in installation

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4. Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer

Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer & Supplies Bundle with Card Imaging Software (3633-3021)

  • Printing technology- Dye sublimation
  • Options for both USB and Ethernet connections

Magicard Enduro is the best ID card printer with a professional-grade design. In fact, Enduro is the most popular one of the printer line-ups from Magicard. To maintain consistency in the quality of your printed ID cards and badges, you may choose this printer.

One notable fact is that Magicard has upgraded its Enduro printer to provide you with better features. To offer remote printing solutions, it has enabled its models to work with Ethernet network connectivity. Moreover, the latest versions have more encoding options and increased memory.

Magicard Enduro is a mid-level printer with medium-sized batch printing capacity. When your organization needs to print up to 5,000 cards every year, you may invest in this printer.
Like other Magicard models, Enduro3E printer has an integrated HoloKote technology that helps in printing a unique watermark image on the cards. Thus, without investing an additional amount, you can add authentic features to the card. You have an opportunity to place the watermark anywhere on the card.

As it is a dual-sided print engine, you can save time. Print both sides of a card at a time without changing the ribbon. When you have already installed a single-sided model, and you think of upgrading it, you may choose this printer.

The system works with Card Imaging XXS software that enables you to add logos, photos, and barcodes to the custom cards. This entry-level, user-friendly card designing software has the best tools to print unique card design. However, there is no need to think of fresh design. You may choose any one of the pre-designed templates.


  • Printing technology- Dye sublimation 
  • Options for both USB and Ethernet connections
  • Includes LCD screen to display instructions
  • Print full-color cards within 25 seconds
  • 30 card output and 100 card input tray
  • Printing speed-100 color cards/hour and 500 monochrome cards/hour


  • High clarity in the image
  • Better color mapping
  • Runs smoothly and flawlessly
  • Superior technical assistance


  • Minor software issues

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5. Magicard Enduro 3e Dual Sided ID Card Printer

As one of the best card printers, Magicard Enduro has lots of features to let you print cards for students, employees, and other professionals. With reliable interfaces for Ethernet and USB connectivity, the system ensures easy installation. The driver works with Windows 7 (or higher versions) and Mac OS X devices. You can print data safely on your ID cards. Moreover, you need to use Bodno software to deal with this print engine. The fully packaged printer provides the best value to your investment.

The printing speed is superb, as the system can turn out a full-color photo ID within 35 seconds and a monochrome ID within 7 seconds. Thus, with minimal efforts, you can accomplish your card printing tasks.

The innovative color mapping technology using optical sensors can decode the card color for quality output and better alignments. When you need a dual-sided printing solution, you can use this branded ID printer. With less time, you can find higher precision in the overall printing process.

Moreover, as you can add a laser-etched hologram, no one can copy your card design. These holograms are not printable, and one cannot scan them easily. You can order them only from Enduro. Use the software to identify the spot where you like to add the hologram.


  • Capable of printing on glossy photo paper
  • Connection type- Both USB and Ethernet
  • Available in two software options- Bronze and Silver edition
  • MA300YMCKO color ribbon for 300 Prints
  • LED screen with color-coded status
  • HoloKote security feature to prevent card duplication
  • Best for mid-range volume badge and ID card printing


  • High-quality print
  • Easy to use models
  • Patented technology for secure watermark


  • Costly

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6. Fargo DTC1250e ID Card Printer

Fargo DTC1250e ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package with Bodno Software

  • Easily loadable cassette-style ribbons …
  • Produce professional-looking cards

Fargo DTC 1250e is a single-sided printer with very fast printing speed. Schools, small businesses, and hospitality sectors can present this printing device. The printer takes 16 seconds to print a full-color ID card. Thus, within an hour, you can print almost 225 cards. Flip the card after designing one of the sides and then print your company details, ID code, and other data.
With this DTC1250e ID card printer, the Wi-Fi feature is upgradable. The standard connectivity option is USB. However, you may also use Ethernet to work with Wi-Fi connection. To get the most dynamic printing solution, you can choose this printer. 

The uniquely designed printer from Fargo is compatible with different encoding options, like smart card encoding, ISO magnetic stripe encoding, and dual coercivity. It is a special feature found in high-end card printers. However, you can avail it in this reasonably priced model of Fargo.

Another notable thing about this printer is the versatility in selecting printer ribbons. There are options for using refillable cartridges and standard ribbon cartridges. However, we think that the refillable version is the eco-friendly choice for users.

Although you may be a first-time user, you will not face issues in using Bodno software. You can drag and drop images and other design elements to create the printed card. Moreover, the package includes highly durable 250 PVC cards.


  • Designed to print glossy photo paper
  • Full-color ribbon 250 Prints
  • Technology for Printing- Dye Sublimation
  • Comes with a 30-card output hopper and a 100-card input hopper


  • Easily loadable cassette-style ribbons 
  • Produce professional-looking cards
  • Works smoothly with the software and the camera 
  • Small and compact footprint


  • Error signaling is weak.

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Buying guide

To buy the high quality, heavy-duty ID card printer, you have to focus on some factors.

Number of sides printed by the printer

ID card printers are available in two versions- Double-sided and single-sided. The former one is capable of printing design onto both sides of your card in one pass. While you need to print only the basic details, like ID number, phone, designation, and name, you may invest in the single-sided version. However, to include more information, like blood group and address, you need to use the space of both sides of the card. Thus, in that case, you can prefer a double-sided ID card printer.

Printing technology and software

The reliable printer presents you with easy-to-use software that has a range of customizable templates. The printer relies on reverse transfer technology or direct-to-card technology. With DTC, the device directly prints on the card, and it is known as dye-sublimation technology. It is faster than that of the reverse transfer technology. However, this reverse technology produces sharper and brighter images.

Encoding options

Encoding refers to the identification of data storage inside the ID card. However, only some printers have this elegant feature. For security purposes, you have to encode ID cards.

Speed of printing the card

The speed rate is another factor to buy a quality printer. Some systems take 10 seconds to turn out a printed card, while others may cover 35 seconds to do it. Based on your urgency, you can choose the right printer. 

Color of prints

Some printers have the ability to print only in one color, like black, blue, or red. Lots of modern printers enable you to have full-color prints.

Space consumed of the printer

As you are going to install your printer on the office desk, it is better to buy a compact model.


Which are the most important options for a printer buyer?

The ID card size and the printing speed are the most notable factors for a user. In most cases, the printer can print cards of around 1 to 3.7 inches. The printing speed may be 20 to 40 seconds per badge.

Printer versus printing service- Which is a cheaper option for me?

Most of the organizations need to print hundreds of cards in a year. The charge rate for the printing service can be higher than that of the printer. Thus, we think that you can invest in a quality printer to save money.

What is the input-output hopper of a printing device?

An input hopper refers to a component, holding cards before being printed. Conversely, the output hopper catches the ID card after the printer has printed it. Most of the printer models have hoppers to accelerate the printing process. The printed cards will be clean and free of contamination.
In some cases, there is a spare output hopper to minimize the printing interruptions. You will also find a reject tray to collect improperly encoded cards.

Should a printer have security features?

Federal regulations have made it mandatory that printers must have built-in security features. There is a risk of penalty in case of non-compliance. Thus, the safest option for you is to find the ID card printer with advanced security features.

Now, you can buy any of these reliable printers to print your ID cards. Whatever be the size of your business, you will find the ID card printer useful for your regular purposes. Print high-quality cards with your business name, logo, and other details.