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The face is the identity of every human being, and we all love to pamper it more than anything else. We all need a glowing and healthy skin. But keeping that alive always is a little bit difficult sometimes. Facing a lot of pollution and various other conditions regularly create exceptionally hurdles that block the way to success. Scars, lumpy uneven skin, fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, large pores, inflammation are the major hurdles in the way to get healthy, glowing, and ever youth skin.

Making it a straightforward way to achieve the title of a beautiful face, LED face masks have served appreciably. You and your beautiful skin are just at a bar behind. So lift that bar and meet the love of your dreams. We understand your needs and priorities and keeping that in mind, we are here with the 13 best-LED face masks for you. Each of the products given below includes a set of unique features that differentiates it from others. Trying up all for getting a suitable one is not easy for sure, so go through the details given below and get the one that suits well your needs.

Given below are the top 10 Best LED Face Masks for Treating

1. Dermashine Pro 7 Color LED Face Mask

Leading up the list with the very first name, Dermashine Pro 7 Color LED Face Mask offers you relieve from scars, thick uneven skin, fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, large pores, inflammation and much more. You are just a step behind from smooth, healthier, and younger skin. It’s just a matter of about 15 to 30 minutes and the skin tone will improve gradually. For better results, apply these masks for about three to four times a week. It rejuvenates your skin profoundly and offers you the feel of freshness.

Key features:-

  • Comes up in seven different light colors
  • Quite simple to use and comfortable to wear
  • Equipped with Newest LED Light Technology
  • Kills bacteria and calms sensitive skin
  • Affordable price tag
  • Efficient of dealing with various skin issues
  • Easy to use
  • Poor lighting


  • Awkward design that not fits all

2. ECO FACE Near-infrared LED Photon Mask for Home LED Therapy – GOLD

infrared LED Photon Mask for Home LED Therapy - GOLD

Coming up with the next segment, ECO FACE is the name that offers expeditious and natural treatment to your skin. So tackle various skin issues such as skin acne, aging, wrinkle with this LED face mast impactfully and make your skin look glowing and healthy always. Taking care of all of the skin types this LED face mask emits rays that go deep into the skin and treat various conditions such as melanin production, aging reduction, wrinkle removing and brightness of skin successfully. Moreover, it also improves moisture absorption and makes your skin more refreshing and young always.

Key features:-

  • Constructed with eco-friendly plastic
  • Improves the production of collagen
  • Enhance skin firmness
  • Quite safer to use on all skin kinds
  • Cover up the entire face
  • Painless experience with zero downtime
  • Easy to use, operate and hands-free option
  • Does not include a mask for the neck area


  • Light is too bright

3. Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Mask Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Facial Skin Care Mask

7 Color LED Mask Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Facial Skin Care Mask

If you are looking for a perfect infrared face mask, make it complete with the introduction of Project E Beauty 7 Color LED Mask. The product is being designed to use natural light only to improve the beauty of your face. So, adds up a glow into your skin and removes acne and wrinkles from your face gradually. The natural lights being emitted through it activates the photoreceptors of your face and hence improves the skin type. Moreover, the rays being emitted through it also inhibits the melanin formation as well and thus makes your skin more elastic.

Key Features:-

  • Prevents the formation of melanin
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Uses natural light only to improve your skin tone
  • Cost effective product
  • Works efficiently on all skin kind
  • The mask gets fit in all type of faces
  • Feels a bit heavy on the face

4. Project E Beauty 7 Colors LED Mask Face & Neck Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Facial Skin Care Wireless Mask

7 Colors LED Mask Face & Neck Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

As the name indicates, this is the product that will make your skin look beautiful and refreshing always. The product is quite impactful in revamping the look of your face just within a few weeks of its usage. The involvement of natural light waves in it promotes your healthy skin and makes it safe to use. Absence of harsh chemicals is the main feature that makes it efficient on all skin kinds. Seven color options are there from where one can easily select the one depending upon their skin type. One of the best things about this mask is that it is a hands-free option and is also easily adjustable to all.

Key Features:-

  • Seven color options for each skin type
  • Rejuvenate the skin in just a few weeks of usage
  • Uses 100% natural lights
  • Best to be used for every skin type
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Reduces and prevents wrinkles
  • Improves the look of skin
  • Easy to carry
  • Price tag goes a little bit high in this range

5. Dermashine Pro 7 Color Wireless LED Face Mask with Neck Attachment

Dermashine Pro 7 Color Wireless LED Face Mask with Neck Attachment

Adding professional grades LED light face mask option in the list Dermashine Pro offers ultimate experience while taking care of each skin type. The package usually comes up in seven color options that perfectly rejuvenate the skin cell to deep. From tightening up your skin and improving the collagen level, it is a fully loaded face mask that serves as a more significant source to fight with facial lines and wrinkles on your skin. The device is being designed to inhibit the melanin pigment formation and hence improves the skin elasticity in a better way as well. The LED face mask is a practical choice, and the results are visible within just four to six weeks of usage.

Key Features:-

  • Available in seven color option
  • Boost up collagen level
  • 150 high-quality LED’s involved
  • Prevents and reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Ideal for shorter usage
  • Effective and improves skin elasticity
  • Affordability matters a lot
  • May not sit appropriately on all face types

6. Light Therapy Acne Mask, NEWKEY 7 Color LED Light Facial Skin Care System

Light Therapy Acne Mask

Adding up another unusual name into the list of best-LED face masks, Light Therapy Acne Mask is the name that brings up a feeling of freshness on every skin kind. This LED mask is a perfect combination of both red light and blue light, allowing it is performing different actions. Where the red light controls the acne inflammation, the blue light is there to kill the bacteria present on the skin. This face mask serves much on every skin kind, especially on sensitive skin. It will not only improve your skin health only but also shows you visible results just within one week only.

Key features:-

  • It is a seven in one photonics option
  • Provides fastest results that you never had before
  • Requires 20 minutes of usage daily
  • Tightens skin and reduces the wrinkles as well
  • Improves the collagen production
  • Uses natural light waves only
  • FDA approved product
  • Free from ultraviolet rays
  • Clinically proven for all skin kinds
  • Activator need to be changed after 30 uses

7. Angel Kiss 7 Color LED Mask

Angel Kiss 7 Color LED Mask

Angle Kiss Facial Care LED mask is an ideal choice of light therapy that helps users in removing the annoying acne very smoothly. Comfortable design without any straps makes the accessibility a smooth ride. This remote aided LED face mask is quite efficient in providing you glowing, refreshing, and young skin always. The tool effectively works on every skin kind and improves the elasticity of your skin. The light emitted through it activates the photoreceptors of your skin and take you to relieve from dark complexion.

Key features:-

  • 7-in-1 photonics facial rejuvenation system
  • No straps included for a secure fit
  • Easy to control to option
  • Requires 20 minutes of daily usage
  • Time controlling option
  • The easily adjustable light intensity
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It takes some times to show results


  • A little bit heavier on the face

8. Angel Kiss 7 Color Photon Blue Red Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Facial Skin Care Mask

Led Face Mask

It is another beautiful LED mask being produced by Angel Kiss that ensures the safety of your every skin kind while improving its beauty and softness as well. This therapy is a worth to get rid of wrinkles, acne, and other skin issues very evidently. As per the LED mask review, the face mask is being designed to get fit to every face shape. So relax and enjoy the soothing light therapy acne mask very comfortable with making your skin ever youth. It is a remote aided facemask, and positioning to a convenient location is quite easy to go.

Key Features:-

  • Seven colors LED mask option
  • The ideal choice of light therapy acne mask
  • Comfortable positioning
  • Suitable for every skin kind
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Brighten up your skin complexion
  • 20 minutes of usage daily only
  • Feel little bit heavy on the face

9. iDerma Anti Aging Youth Restoring Masque

iDerma Anti Aging Youth Restoring Masque

iDerma is rightly being concerned to offer you healthier and young face always. Coming up with revolutionary technology, this beautiful produce repairs your damaged skin and acne skin very carefully and makes it appear refreshing still. The masque comes up with LLLT technology that enables you to get high-end clinical results at the comfort of your home.

Key Features:-

  • Constructed with revolutionary technology
  • Low-level light therapy for repairing the skin
  • LLLT treatment to provide high-end clinical results
  • A way to get healthy and gorgeous skin
  • Portable kit and easy be to carry out
  • Simple to use and operate
  • Works goon efficiently on all skin kinds
  • Provides your radiant glow and refreshing skin
  • Prices are a little bit higher

10. NORLANYA Photon Therapy Facial Skin Care Treatment Machine Facial Toning Mask

NORLANYA Photon Therapy Facial Skin Care Treatment Machine Facial Toning Mask

If you are looking for a versatile three in one facial kit, NORLANYA Photon is one of the best ways to get that. It is a lightweight option that hardly weighs about 0.85lbs overall. The face mask option is being designed to provide you healthier and radiant glow skin always. Coming up with three in one color of red, blue and green light option it kills the porphyrins available on your skin, repairs damaged the surface of the face and also cleared up the fine lines and wrinkles present on your face.

Key Features:-

  • Three in one color option
  • Blue light ranges for 430 to 450 nm
  • Red light ranges from 630 to 650 nm
  • Green light ranges from 525 to 550 nm
  • Versatile option
  • Works exceptionally good on all skin kinds
  • An excellent remedy to get rid of acne, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Prices are a little bit higher in this range

11. 7 Colors Led Light Photon Neon-glowing Facial Light Skin Rejuvenation Led Face Mask Care Treatment Beauty

It is another versatile package that serves as a perfect remedy for your various skin problems. Removing the acne wrinkles and fine lines from your skin it offers you glowing and ever youth skin always. The face mask is being designed to work on fatty areas effectively so that it would not leave any lumpy field behind. It is a remote aided device that offers you quick results and intensity control features at an affordable price range. It tightens up your skin and boosts up the collagen also.

Key features:-

  • Seven colors LED mask option
  • Easy time and intensity control with remote
  • Skin tightening and collagen boosting
  • Natural light waves
  • Easy monitoring with remote
  • A versatile option for multiple skin type
  • Quite affordable
  • Feels little bit heavy on the face

12. Dermapeel LED Light Photon Face Neck Mask Rejuvenation Skin Therapy Wrinkles

Dermapeel LED Light Photon Face Neck Mask Rejuvenation Skin Therapy Wrinkles

It is a high quality LED face mask that offers you improved skin care and tone very conveniently. It uses natural light waves to improve and heal your various skin issues. Whether its scars and wrinkles that is irritating you or it is some lumpy uneven skin area that looks odd over there, Dermapeel LED Photon will clean every sector for you.

Key features:-

  • Seven color option for different skin types
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Prevents wrinkles
  • Natural light waves
  • Convenient usage
  • Fights fatty areas very conveniently
  • Requires only 10 to 15 minutes of daily usage
  • Hands-free operation
  • Price is a little bit higher


  • Lights are not so bright

13. Borim ECO FACE Near-infrared LED Mask for Home LED Therapy

Borim ECO FACE Near-infrared LED Mask for Home LED Therapy

If your skin is sensitive and you are looking for perfect light treatment at your home Borim ECO FACE is just the right option to make it. It is a photon mask that tackles with various skin issues very successfully. The natural waves penetrate deep into your skin and help in reducing multiple skin issues properly.

Key features:-

  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Boost up collagen production
  • Improves skin firmness
  • Safer to use
  • Effective on every skin type
  • A little bit heavy on the face


  • Does not fit all face types

Why Choose LED Masks for Light Therapy?

Having healthy and glowing skin is the ultimate need of each one of us, but inevitably, certain hurdles block our way in between. It gets difficult to tackle those sometimes. LED facial mask serves as a hero at certain moments, taking you away from the various skin care issues. It is one of the most promising choices for light therapy that ensures you to have healthy and glowing skin by providing excellent relief from acne issues as well.

Whether you are facing some inflammation, wrinkles, acne, or some other kind of skin issues, LED mask is the solution that relieves you from all these. Rather than using those topical creams to cleansers, serums, cosmetic surgeries, and painful treatments, it is the solution that will put on a very low burden on your pocket.

If we go with the LED face mask reviews, there are quite less invasive, more practical, and affordable. Usage is one of the most common issues with a maximum of the technical products, but LED face masks are convenient to use on. One of the best things about LED covers is that these are entirely user-friendly. You can easily enjoy the mask even at the cost of a bottle of cleanser or serum as well.

The mess that usually being created while applying facial cream treatment is one of the annoying things that I hate most about other masks. But this face light mask is being designed to get the perfect fit on your face. It means that you are not going to deal with that annoying mess further.

These are ready to use face masks that come up with holes for eyes, mouth, and nose, which ensures that one can efficiently perform their usual tasks without any hassle. Moreover, as these are ready to use packages, one doesn’t need to spend their precious time while applying and cleaning the face after usage.

What to look for when choosing an LED mask?

Due to the presence of so many options available there in the marketplace, it is quite evident that one would get confused. If you are also looking forward to the LED masks for the very first time and finding all above same, we are here going to provide you some tricks that you need to consider while selecting an LED mask for you.

Holes or no holes

There are a lot of things to think about. For example, a large number of people consider having LED masks with suitable holes. The reason is quite simple, one might face some emergency to see, to smell, and to taste or drink at specified instances. What will you do if you have a face light mask and you get some emergency call to attend?

What is the time required

Usually, the time for light face mask varies from about 8 to 20 minutes, so if you can handle you can go for the one without holes as well. It is not necessary that everyone would have a lot of free time to sit quietly throughout. So you might also need to consider the time required for an effective treatment as well.

Wired or wireless

Wired and wireless LED light masks options are also there to consider. It is not necessary to carry out a wired electric face mask and to stuck in one place for a longer duration, you can opt for the wireless LED light masks treatment as well.

Remote aided or not

LED Light Mask with a remote control or without remote control options are also there to consider. Having a LED mask with remote is quite an obvious one of the most attractive option to choose one. One can easily change the settings or light time whenever required. Moreover, the remote aided Light masks also offer the freedom of moving the mask to a comfortable position also.

Check out the budget

Budget is one of the significant factors that we need to consider while purchasing best-LED face mask. The market is full of a wide range of options where you will be charged differently for the different featured options. If you are looking for a LED light mask for wrinkles and acne and don’t need other features there, it would be wiser to opt for the inexpensive masks from the above-featured ones.


Doesn’t matter, you are working or not, we all need to have beautiful, glowing, fresh and youth skin always. The face is the identity of each human being, and we still want to keep it refreshing always Light therapy masks have served as one of the ultimate sources taking care of their skin to the extreme. But the job of choice of best-LED light therapy mask is quite tough. We have summed up above the high quality LED masks that are quite safer and beneficial for you and will also improve your looks. Just get the suitable one any one of the mentioned above and feel fresh young always.

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