In modern-day, the businesses are entirely dependent on technology and extraordinarily advanced and use present-day technology. The enterprises are functional and operative due to the several things that they can take advantage of technology. Some of the technology benefits include optimization, reduction of human error, and security that the businesses enjoy.

Security is very significant, and it is required when a considerable lot of money or huge funds are involved. People find it much convenient to use checks rather than cash. If your checkbooks are getting over very quickly and you often have to run to banks for checkbooks, you must think for an alternative. 

In the present time, there are many software that helps in the printing of checks very quickly, and one can do it conveniently from the workplace or home. The printer for checks is an excellent option for printing your checks and thus keeping yourself stress-free and contended.

This article guides and gives us an overview of the five printers that you think are perfect for best check printers. It will come in handy while choosing the best printer for checks.

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Top 5 Best Check Printers

Here are the top 5 printers that are ideal for check printing. Let’s discuss them in detail!

1. VersaCheck HP Deskjet 3755MX

VersaCheck HP Deskjet 3755 MX, MICR All-In-One Printer, Gray (HP3755-4649)
34 Reviews
VersaCheck HP Deskjet 3755 MX, MICR All-In-One Printer, Gray (HP3755-4649)

  • All-in-one system: print, copy, scan
  • Versaink magnetic black ink MICR for bank compliant check printing

Hp Deskjet 3755MX is genuinely the best printer to print checks due to its astounding specifications. With a weight of only 5 pounds, this best check printer is a multifunctional printer and an all-purpose printer. Thanks to its compact design, it can fit itself wherever you wish to move it. This fantastic printer lets you print checks in full color as well as It facilitates document printing. The Magnetic Ink Character Recognition facilitates excellent check printing. It is an easy to use and very straightforward printer and can be used without any hindrance. The best thing about these printers is they conserve 50 to 80 percent, which is way higher than printed checkbooks from banks. Apart from checkbook printing, this versatile printer can print, copy, and even scan your documents. It is equipped with a USB cable that supports connectivity.


  • Super compact and lightweight
  • All-in-one system: print, copy, scan
  • Comes with versaink magnetic black ink (MICR) for bank compliant check printing.
  • Network ready: Built-in Wireless (802.11b/g/n) connectivity. 


  • It is slow
  • Absence of USB

2. Renewable Toner Laserjet M15w Check Printer

Renewable Toner Laserjet M15w Check Printer Bundle with Compatible HP CF248A 48A MICR Toner Cartridge (2 Items)
35 Reviews
Renewable Toner Laserjet M15w Check Printer Bundle with Compatible HP CF248A 48A MICR Toner Cartridge (2 Items)

  • 【IN THE BOX】HP LaserJet Pro M15w Wireless Laser Printer and 1 RT CF248A 48A MICR Toner Cartridge
  • 【CHECK PRINTING】RT CF248A 48A MICR Toner Cartridge for check printing comes preinstalled for your convenience

If you are a kind of performance-centric individual looking to buy the best laser printer for checks, this Renewable Toner won’t let you down! This high-quality printer comes with a pre-installed Toner Cartridge for check printing purposes. It’s known to print one-thousand pages, with three checks per page.

Because the printer is specifically designed to save paper, it would help you conserve significant bucks and essential resources. The best way in which the printer helps save resources is it prints the most quintessential content with HP smart print.

This printer for checks has a sleek design and can easily fit almost anywhere without consuming much space. Whether you’re looking for professional-looking checks at the right price, this printer will get it done. The print results have crisp texts and sharp images, making it an ideal product for professional purposes.


  • Simple and hassle-free operation
  • Comes with one MICR Toner Cartridge for check printing
  • Three Month Product Warranty


  • Printing is slow
  • Expensive

3. VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX – MICR Printer

VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX - MICR Printer, White, Small
95 Reviews
VersaCheck HP Deskjet 1112MX - MICR Printer, White, Small

  • Compact printer design fits in Small spaces
  • Includes magnetic (MICR) Versa ink for bank compliant check printing

If you are looking to print full-color bank compliant checks, this 1112MX MICR printer would lend you a helping hand. The printer for checks is easy to use and conserves power and money. It saves up to 50-80% of power. Furthermore, it prints high-quality colored checks.

You can use the printer in conjunction with VersaCheck Presto software to quickly print checks. You can download it and easily access the software. The download link of the software is given on quick start manual. The product comes with a bonus paper package. So, you may instantly start printing checks without any hassle.


  • Compact printer design fits in small spaces
  • Comes with VersaInk magnetic ink (MICR) cartridge for printing checks adhering to bank compliant standards.
  • VersaCheck Presto software & check paper included to print your own checks.
  • You can print check, photo, and documents


  • USB is not included with the product

4. Renewable Toner Phaser 3260DI Wireless Monochrome Laser Check Printer

Renewable Toner Phaser 3260DI Wireless Monochrome Laser Check Printer Bundle with Compatible Xerox 106R02775 MICR Toner Cartridge
12 Reviews
Renewable Toner Phaser 3260DI Wireless Monochrome Laser Check Printer Bundle with Compatible Xerox 106R02775 MICR Toner Cartridge

  • 【IN THE BOX】Xerox 3260DI monochrome check printer, 1 RT Compatible Xerox 106R02775 MICR Toner Cartridge
  • 【YIELD】1,500 standard pages; prints 4,500 checks at 3 per page

Finding the mid-range printer for check printing? If so, there’s nothing is better than Renewable Toner Phaser 3260DI.

This budget-friendly printer comes with impressive power and may print 1500 standard pages or 4800 checks per toner. Unlike other printers available on the market, it utilizes RT MICR toner that offers high-quality prints.

Talk about connectivity, you can connect this printer to your computer by using a wireless feature or with the USB cable. Speaking of the functionality per dollar ratio, this can be the best printer for printing checks.


  • With a compact design, the printer can be installed where you need it to be most productive.
  • It can print up to1,500 standard pages.
  • Has an impressive print Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi (up to 4800 x 600 enhanced image quality)
  • Offers mobile printing: Apple AirPrint, Xerox PrintBack
  • Built-in wireless networking to a printer at the comfort of your home.
  • Automatic Duplex Printing


  • Expensive

5. MICR Toner International Laserjet M402dw Magnetic Ink Check Printer

If you’re looking for a printer that can deliver high-quality professional alike output, this MICR Toner International Laserjet M402dw is the one to deliver professional-quality output. The printer has a network-ready with 1 Hi-Speed USB 2.0, 1 Host USB, and 1 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000T network for your exceptional needs, making it a productive machine in its class.

It can easily print up to 40 pages a minute making it essential for high-end tasks. Unlike its competitors, it wakes up and prints faster that makes it the best printer to print checks. Talking about connectivity, it comes with secure and fastest Ethernet capabilities that help you stay connected and work with ease.


  • Monochrome Laser Printer comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • RT CF226A 26A MICR Toner Cartridge for check printing
  • Page Yield is 9,300 checks at 3 per page


  • MICR fonts/software and USB cable sold separately

Factors to consider while buying a printer for Checks:

Printers that can print checks are essential for any small or large business. A printer for checks can save a lot of time and decrease the hassle of running to a bank every time a check is required. Check printers have become very popular these days, seeing the rise in businesses from what it was a decade back. Certain factors should be considered while buying a check printer. Some of these factors are mentioned below.

Industry Standards:

As businesses will be using these printers, especially to print checks, it should be essential to buy printers that maintain all industry standards. These printers should be equipped with security features to check the validity of checks. Printers that follow all the industry standards and security features are favorable for the smooth functioning of business operations.

Software support:

Check printers are ubiquitous now and can be seen in a lot of businesses and workplaces. These printers should have software that helps to format check to avoid the hassle of preparing the layout of checks from scratch. The software can be pre-installed or done through a CD or USB for the best results.


The speed of check printers is very crucial as it saves a lot of time. Check printers having a reasonable rate can print out several checks with a short time, which s rewarding for businesses. The printer’s speed should be ascertained before buying a check printer to ensure the smooth functioning of accounting operations in workplaces.

Ink Quality:

One of the most prominent factors to consider before opting to buy a check printer is the quality of ink used in it. Check printers generally use MICR Toner/Inks as the Federal Reserve recognizes it. These ink qualities are specially meant for printing checks and also bring authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I Print Regular Documents With a Check Printer?

Without any doubt, you can. It’s important for you not to waste your MICR ink on normal documents. For your regular text documents, use regular toner/ink cartridges, instead.

2. Can My Regular Printer Print Checks?

If it accepts MICR cartridges, it easily can. All you need to use proper paper and MICR fonts.

3. What is MICR, and Why Must I Use It to Print Checks?

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition or MICR is a special kind of toner that prints characters at the bottom of a check.

The Federal Reserve requires checks to be printed with MICR toner. Using this specialized toner helps prevent fraud, minimizes errors, find out incorrect iron oxide levels, and offers high-end security. Moreover, if you use regular ink to print checks, they may get rejected more often.

Final Thoughts

That sums up the best printers for checks you must buy! Make sure you have a clear vision of the best products on the market. Also, this guide has helped you to understand the factors to consider while buying the printer for printing checks.

Still in a dilemma? Let’s make it clear! If you want a fast printer for checks, and have no problem in spending significant money, get MICR Toner International Laserjet M402dw.