Are you looking for the best high volume scanner to make your work much easier? Whether you are working at home or in your office, you’ll find a high-speed scanner really handy. This is because of the benefits you’d enjoy when you make use of these devices. It will not only make your work easier, but will also increase your productivity, and help in saving time.

There are so many commercial scanners available in the market today, and the importance of these devices cannot be overemphasized. However, selecting the right production scanner can be an arduous task. This is there are so many products available, with different features and different things to consider when buying.

We have provided a review of some of the best products out there. A buying guide containing all the features to look out for when buying an industrial scanner is also included in this review.

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6 High Volume Document Scanners in 2021


1. Epson DS-780N (Fast Scanning)

  • Scanning speed: 45 ppm/90 ipm
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2. Epson DS-530 (Easy to Use)

  • Scanning speed: 33 ppm/70 ipm
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3. Epson WorkForce ES-400 (Portable)

  • Scanning speed: 35 ppm/70 ipm
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4. Canon R40 Office Document Scanner

  • Scanning speed: 40 ppm
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5. Brother High-Speed Desktop Document Scanner, ADS-2200

  • Scanning speed: 35 ppm
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6. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

  • Scanning speed: 30 ppm
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1. Epson DS-780N – (Fast Scanning)

Epson DS-780N Network Color Document Scanner for PC and Mac, 100-page Auto Document Feeder (ADF), Duplex Scanning
81 Reviews
Epson DS-780N Network Color Document Scanner for PC and Mac, 100-page Auto Document Feeder (ADF), Duplex Scanning

  • Fast scan speeds: up to 45 ppm/90 ipm; 1-pass duplex scanning
  • Intuitive touch panel: easy access to up to 30 user-defined jobs.

Epson DS-780N is one of the best products you will find in the market today. This product boasts of so many amazing features, in addition to the fact that it was designed with great efficiency. It is also easy to use, with a touchscreen panel that enhances easy usage. This is the best product to buy if you are looking for a scanner that produces high-quality scans, which is about 45 ppm/90 ipm.

This scanner offers several amazing features, among which include its size and dimension. It weighs only 8.2 pounds with a dimension of 11.7 x 8.5 x 8.3 inches, implying that it can be moved easily. Epson DS-780N requires a Lithium-ion battery. This product is also backed by a 3-year limited industry-leading warranty in addition to being compatible with Mac OS, Windows Server, and Windows Operating Systems.


  • Intuitive touchscreen for easy access and use.
  • It delivers high-volume and high-quality scans, offering a daily duty cycle of about 5,000 pages, and an ADF Capacity of 100 pages.
  • Added dependability.
  • Three-years limited warranty.
  • Built-in Network Scanning


  • Its scanning speed is not as fast as that of other devices.

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2. Epson DS-530 – (Easy to Use)

Epson DS-530 Document Scanner: 35ppm, TWAIN & ISIS Drivers
254 Reviews
Epson DS-530 Document Scanner: 35ppm, TWAIN & ISIS Drivers

  • Fast: 35 ppm/70 ipm scan speeds; Color and duplex – scans both sides in just one pass.
  • Reliable: 3-Year warranty with free next business day replacement.

One of our best high volume scanners is the Epson DS-530, which is another amazing product from Epson. It is important to note that Epson is widely known for producing high-quality office equipment, and this product is not left out. It also boasts of a has a scanning speed of 33 ppm/70 ipm. This scanner can carry out duplex and color scans of both sides of a paper with a single pass.

It is the best option to opt-in for if you are looking for a reliable product because it comes with a three-year warranty. Epson DS-530 also offers replacements for business days. Another amazing thing about this scanner is that it offers a daily duty cycle of up to 4,000 sheets, and its Automatic Document Feeder is 50 pages.


  • Software Compatibility, featuring ISIS and TWAIN drivers. This helps in ensuring seamless integration.
  • Three-year product warranty
  • Scans can be done directly to cloud services.
  • The scanner can create files that are editable.


  • The ADF, scan speed, and the daily duty cycle is low compared to other Epson products.

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3. Epson WorkForce ES-400 – (Portable)

Epson WorkForce ES-400 Color Duplex Document Scanner for PC and Mac, Auto Document Feeder (ADF)

  • Get organized in a snap scan upto 35 ppm/70 ipm (1); Single Step Technology captures both sides in one pass
  • Easily scan stacks of paper robust 50 page Auto Document Feeder; Scan business/ID cards, receipts and more. Operating Systems Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10. Mac OS X 10.6.8 10.11.x

Epson WorkForce ES-400 is the best option to go for if you are looking for an affordable scanner to enhance your working efficiency. This scanner offers a scan speed of up to 35 ppm/70 ipm, which is what you need to quickly get organized. What’s amazing about this scanner is its compatibility with a wider variety of operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS.

It also features different software, including TWAIN drivers, to ensure an easy connection with different management software. Another amazing thing about this scanner is its inbuilt nuance optical recognition to easily create editable Excel and Word files, as well as searchable PDFs. With this scanner, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a reliable paper feed system.


  • An intelligent image and color adjustments
  • Easy sharing to allow the upload of files to cloud storage, or sharing with emails
  • It is an affordable and efficient scanner
  • Powerful software for easy and intuitive scanning.


  • It does not come with a warranty

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4. Canon R40 Office Document Scanner

Canon imageFORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner For PC and Mac, Color Duplex Scanning, Easy Setup For Office Or Home Use, Includes Scanning Software

  • Stay organized: Easily convert your paper documents into searchable digital formats
  • Reliably handles many different document types: Receipts, photos, business cards, reports, contracts, long documents, thick or thin documents, and more

Not having an efficient book scanner can slow down work productivity. With an affordable product like the Canon R40 office document scanner, staying organized is completely achievable. This is an ideal option to buy if you are looking for an easy way to convert paper documents into a digital and easily accessible format. It can handle different types of documents, including reports, business cards, receipts, contracts, photos, and more.

Another amazing thing about the scanner is that it is not only fast, but it is also efficient. With this scanner, you can scan both sides of a document at a time. It offers an ADF of up to 60 pages and a scan speed of 40 ppm. Rest assured that you will enjoy broader compatibility with this scanner, thanks to the included Mac and Windows TWAIN driver.


  • It easy to set up, and can be connected to a computer with a USB cable
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Fast and efficient, with a scan speed of up to 40 ppm
  • Ability to scan different types of documents


  • Some users prefer having a product with up to 3 years warranty.

5. Brother High-Speed Desktop Document Scanner, ADS-2200

Brother High-Speed Desktop Document Scanner, ADS-2200, Multiple Scan Destinations, Duplex Scanning

  • 50-sheet-capacity auto document feeder
  • Multiple scan destinations: Scan quickly and submit to multiple destinations, including email, OCR, file, image, …

A high-speed desktop document scanner by Brother. ADS-2200 is an amazing scanner that is loaded with so many awesome features. With this scanner, you can carry out two-sided scanning, and this can be done at a speed of 35 ppm. The capacity of the automatic document feeder of this scanner can accommodate up to 50 sheets. With ADS-2200, you can carry scans for large volume documents.

Another amazing thing about this product is that it also features the option to carry scans for different destinations. This includes OCR, email, USB flash drive, image, and files. The desktop document scanner features background removal, multi-feed detection, blank page removal, and other amazing features for enhanced image optimization.


  • Enhanced two-sided scanning
  • Multiple scan detection
  • Multiple driver support
  • Image optimization features.


  • No product warranties.

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6. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Color Duplex Document Scanner with Touch Screen for Mac and PC [Current Model, 2018 Release]
1,339 Reviews
Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Color Duplex Document Scanner with Touch Screen for Mac and PC [Current Model, 2018 Release]

  • Double-sided scanning with advanced paper feeding system
  • Large, easy to use 4.3 inch touch screen allows you to easily scan to your preferred destinations, Scan to Google Drive, Dropbox, your desktop folder, and more!

A list containing the best and most reliable high-volume scanners will be incomplete without the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500. With a scanning speed of 30 ppm and an automatic document feed of 50 pages, this scanner is an ideal option for documents of high volume. It also features a touch screen panel, which makes its usage to be very easy. This panel also makes it easy for documents to be sent to preferred destinations, like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

With this scanner, you can effectively perform double-sided scanning, and this is because it features a more advanced feeding system. This makes it possible to scan different types of documents, including receipts, business cards, photos, and more. The power requirements for this scanner is AC 100 to 240 V and 60 Hz.


  • Ease of use enhanced by the touch screen.
  • Ability to send scanned documents to different locations
  • USB or Wi-Fi Connectivity to different devices.
  • Inbuilt software to clean up documents


  • The scanning speed and ADF is not as high as other scanners.

Buying Guide for High-Volume Scanners

Selecting the right scanner to meet your needs can be a challenging thing, and this is one of the major issues most people and business owners face when they want to buy a scanner. There are different scanners in the market today that can be used in handling different types of tasks. Buying the best product to meet your needs can be a difficult thing to do. There are questions to ask and things to know in order to make the right decision.

Here are some of the questions to ask, and things to know when buying a high-volume scanner:

What are the types of media to scan?

Before setting out to buy a scanner, it is important to know the type of documents or media you will be scanning, as well as the frequency and number of scans you will perform. This will give you an idea about all the features to look out for in the scanner. Generally, there are two classes of things that are mostly scanned. These are documents with unbound pages and photos. However, there are other things that can be scanned, like bound documents, films, business cards, postage stamps, and magazines.

Knowing the types of media that you’ll be scanning most will allow you to make considerations with respect to the maximum size of media and also need to scan both sides of a document.

Is there a need for a Flatbed?

A flatbed scanner would be needed only when you would be scanning easily damaged documents like bound materials, photos, and 3D objects. A flatbed scanner usually has a glass platen where the documents, items, or books are placed.

It is important to note that originals like stamps and photos can be damaged when passed through a sheet feeder. One way to prevent this is by making use of a sheet feeder with a plastic carrier. However, this can also cause damage to the originals, and as such, the best option is the flatbed scanner.

What’s special about Duplex Scanning?

Duplexing or duplexing scanning is used in referring to carrying out scans on both sides of a page at the same time. This feature is very important, especially if you’ll frequently be carrying out scans on both sides of a document. You can go for duplexing automatic document feeder scanners, a duplexing scanner, or a manual duplexing scanner.

It is important to note that the best duplexing scanners are those with the ability to scan both sides of a document at the same time. This helps in enhancing faster scanning, which is suitable for high volume documents. Therefore, the manual duplexing, and duplexing ADF may not be suitable when compared with duplexing scanners.

What resolution is required?

Resolution is not an issue for most documents. As little as 200ppi is sufficient for tax documents, and it will provide good quality. Also, 300ppi is usually a sufficient resolution, although it might not be easy to find a scanner that supports resolutions lower than 600ppi. It is important to note that 600ppi is also sufficient for photos, as long as you do not plan to crop it.

However, higher resolution is usually required for some originals. For example, scanning negatives, or a 35mm slide usually needs larger sizes than the original, and this implies a higher resolution. Originals like stamps also require high resolutions. Therefore, in cases where high resolution is required, scanners with a resolution of at least 4,800ppi are the best options.

What software will be required?

Most of the scanners in the market today work fine with any scanning program. However, the required software is sometimes included with the scanner for an extra fee. There are different features to look out for, and this completely depends on what you plan to scan. These features include text indexing, optical character recognition, ability to create PDF searchable documents, photo editing, and a management program.

Why should the Daily Duty Cycle be Considered?

The daily duty cycle is an important thing to consider when buying a commercial scanner. It is this feature that will give you an idea of the number of documents you can scan daily. The daily duty cycle will also help you determine the price of supplies and consumables to be used. Therefore, the higher daily volume will require cheaper consumables.

Important Factors to Consider

With the answers to the questions provided above, making the decision to buy a scanner for bulk documents will be made easily. However, it goes beyond those questions because there are other important factors that must be considered. These factors include:


Cost is the first thing to consider when buying a scanner for high volume documents. It is important to note that the cost and expenses do not end after the purchase of the scanner. There are other related expenses to be considered, and this includes:

Repairs and Maintenance: The cost of maintenance and repairs should be considered, especially for highly used equipment. It is important to note that labor and hardware are not always cheap. Therefore, all these costs should be considered when buying a scanner.

Lost Time: This factor is important because it will give you an idea of the time you would wait for if the scanner breaks or needs maintenance. It is important to consider the availability of the parts and the time that will be lost during maintenance and services.

Application or Scanner

Most people usually ask if it is necessary to buy a scanner when there are different applications that could be used for the same purpose. It is important to note that those applications may work for individuals because they do not have so many documents to scan. These applications work by creating an image of the document, and businesses require more than just images.

A high-volume document scanner is an ideal option for businesses because it offers different functionalities and capabilities. This includes integration with enterprise content management systems to offer optical character recognition software (OCR). The importance of this is that it helps in creating structured data and readable information from unstructured data.

Alternative to Document Scanner

This should only be considered when your company or business cannot afford the cost of buying, utilizing, and maintaining a high-volume document scanner. Outsourcing scanning jobs would be a better alternative in this type of situation. This is only recommended in cases where it is more convenient and cost-effective.


High-volume scanners offer so many benefits to business owners, and their importance cannot be overemphasized. This spans through from an overall increase in productivity to saving time and increasing working efficiency. We have provided a detailed review of some of the best products in the market, starting with the Epson DS-780N, which is easy to use, affordable, durable, and reliable.

Our buying guide contains important things and answers to some key questions to help you select the best high-volume document scanner for your business. With this detailed review, buying an industrial scanner will no longer be an arduous task for you.