How to Get Pure Prisms FGO: Unlock the Secrets to Maximize Your Gameplay

If you’re an avid Fate/Grand Order (FGO) player, you know that acquiring Pure Prisms can be a challenging yet rewarding aspect of the game. These elusive items are essential for enhancing your Servants and unlocking new features, making them a hot commodity among FGO enthusiasts.

This article will reveal the most effective strategies to obtain Pure Prisms and elevate your FGO experience to new heights. So, summon your favorite Servant, and let’s embark on an epic quest for Pure Prisms together!

Understanding Pure Prisms

Before we dive into the methods for obtaining Pure Prisms, let’s briefly discuss their significance in FGO. Pure Prisms are valuable in-game items used for purchasing various essential materials and exclusive Craft Essences from the Mana Prism Exchange shop.

These items can enhance your Servants’ abilities, help you progress through the game more efficiently, and even provide special bonuses during events.

Participate in Daily Quests

One of the most reliable ways to obtain Pure Prisms is by participating in Daily Quests. These quests refresh every day and offer valuable rewards, including Mana Prisms, which can be exchanged for Pure Prisms at the Mana Prism Exchange shop.

Prioritize completing Daily Quests that offer the most Mana Prisms to maximize your Pure Prism acquisition efforts.

Burn Excess Servants and Craft Essences

Another effective method for obtaining Pure Prisms is by burning (or selling) excess Servants and Craft Essences that you no longer need. While it may be difficult to part with these items, the Pure Prisms you’ll gain in return can significantly benefit your gameplay in the long run.

Just be sure to carefully consider which Servants and Craft Essences to burn, as some may still hold value for future events or strategies.

Complete Events and Missions

Throughout the year, FGO hosts various events and missions that offer Pure Prisms as rewards. These events can range from seasonal celebrations to special collaborations, each with unique objectives and challenges.

To ensure you don’t miss out on these valuable opportunities, stay informed about upcoming events and prioritize completing missions that offer Pure Prisms as rewards.

Keep an Eye on the Rare Prism Shop

On rare occasions, Pure Prisms may become available for purchase in the Rare Prism Shop. While these instances are few and far between, it’s worth keeping an eye on the shop and checking back regularly to take advantage of any opportunities that arise.


Q: How many Pure Prisms do I need to purchase items from the Mana Prism Exchange shop?

A: The number of Pure Prisms required to purchase items from the Mana Prism Exchange shop varies depending on the item. Typically, exclusive Craft Essences cost between 1,000 and 5,000 Pure Prisms, while other materials may have lower costs.

Q: Can I obtain Pure Prisms by trading with other players?

A: Currently, FGO does not support trading between players, so obtaining Pure Prisms through this method is not possible.

Q: Are there any other ways to obtain Pure Prisms in FGO?

A: While the methods mentioned in this article are the most reliable ways to acquire Pure Prisms, there may be additional opportunities through special campaigns, promotions, or updates. Stay informed about FGO news and announcements to take advantage of any new methods that arise.

How to Get Pure Prisms FGO Summary

Acquiring Pure Prisms in Fate/Grand Order is a crucial aspect of maximizing your gameplay experience. By participating in Daily Quests, burning excess Servants and Craft Essences, completing events and missions, and keeping an eye on the Rare Prism Shop, you’ll be well on your way to accumulating these valuable items.

Remember to stay informed about FGO news and updates to capitalize on any additional opportunities for obtaining Pure Prisms. With dedication and strategy, you’ll soon have a stockpile of Pure Prisms to enhance your Servants, unlock exclusive features, and dominate the world of Fate/Grand Order.

So gear up, summon your mightiest Servants, and embark on the exciting journey to become the ultimate Master in FGO!

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