How To Glide 250 Meters With Grapple Glider

The Grapple Glider is the latest addition to Fortnite’s arsenal, introduced in the 22.40 update. This awesome mobility tool allows players to redeploy their gliders mid-air and cover significant distances quickly. To encourage players to try it out, Epic Games has set up a challenge: Glide 250 meters with the Grapple Glider in one go. Complete the task, and you’ll be rewarded with 20,000 XP. As a Fortnite enthusiast, I’ll share my tips on how to nail this challenge with ease!

How To Glide 250 Meters With Grapple Glider

Step 1: Land in a safe spot and find the Grapple Glider

To start, choose a relatively safe landing spot where you can loot and gather supplies without getting shot. The Grapple Glider can be found in floor loot, chests, and Supply Llamas. Since it’s a new item, its spawn rate should be pretty high, making it easier to find.

Step 2: Pick your mode and gain some height

Your approach will differ depending on the game mode:

Zero Build mode: Look for tall structures or buildings, like Tainted Towers, Chrome Crossroads, or Rave Cave. You’ll need a high vantage point for this challenge.

Normal mode: Gather materials and build a ramp with an extended floor to gain height. Alternatively, use Zero Build mode to save materials.

Step 3: Aim, shoot, and launch with the Grapple Glider

Once you’ve reached a high point, aim the Grapple Glider at the edge or tip of a solid surface. When the hook makes contact, you’ll be pulled towards it and launched into the air.

Step 4: Deploy your glider and glide 250 meters

At the peak of your launch, deploy your glider and start gliding. Your goal is to cover 250 meters in a single glide without using the Grapple Glider again. Maximizing your height before deploying the glider is crucial to successfully completing the challenge in the first try.


Q: Can I complete this challenge in any game mode?

A: Yes, this challenge can be completed in both Zero Build and Normal modes. The approach will differ depending on the mode you choose, as explained in Step 2.

Q: Do I need a specific glider to complete this challenge?

A: No, any glider will work for this challenge. The key is to use the Grapple Glider to gain height and momentum before deploying your glider.

Q: How do I know if I’ve completed the challenge?

A: Once you’ve successfully glided 250 meters in a single go, you should receive a notification in-game, and the 20,000 XP reward will be added to your account.

Q: Is there a time limit to complete this challenge?

A: As with most Fortnite challenges, this task may be available for a limited time. Check the in-game challenges tab to see if the Grapple Glider challenge is still active.

How To Glide 250 Meters With Grapple Glider Summary

Mastering the Grapple Glider in Fortnite can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. By following these steps, you’ll be able to glide 250 meters with ease and earn a cool 20,000 XP. Remember to choose the right landing spot, gain enough height, and correctly time your grapple and glider deployment. Have fun gliding through the Fortnite skies!

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