How to Make Mugs in Dwarf Fortress: Quench Your Dwarves’ Thirst in Style

Dwarf Fortress is an intricate and challenging game, where mastering even the simplest tasks can bring immense satisfaction. One such task is making mugs, an essential item to keep your dwarves’ thirst at bay and their spirits high.

If you’re new to the game or struggling to figure out the mug-making process, worry not! We’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to create mugs in Dwarf Fortress, ensuring your dwarves can sip their favorite brews in style.

How to Make Mugs in Dwarf Fortress

Step 1: Gather Raw Materials

Before you can create mugs, you’ll need raw materials. Mugs can be made from various materials like stone, wood, glass, or metal. Gather the resources you want to use for crafting mugs by mining, chopping trees, or collecting sand for glassmaking. If you’re using metal, ensure you have the necessary ores and a functioning smelter to produce metal bars.

Step 2: Designate a Workshop

Depending on the material you’ve chosen for your mugs, you’ll need to designate an appropriate workshop. For stone and metal mugs, build a Craftsdwarf’s Workshop; for wooden mugs, build a Carpenter’s Workshop; and for glass mugs, build a Glass Furnace.

Step 3: Assign a Skilled Dwarf

Once your workshop is ready, assign a dwarf with the relevant skill to work there. For example, assign a dwarf with the Stonecrafting skill to the Craftsdwarf’s Workshop, a Carpenter to the Carpenter’s Workshop, and a Glassmaker to the Glass Furnace.

Step 4: Queue the Mug Production

With your workshop staffed, it’s time to start mug production. In the designated workshop, use the ‘q’ key to open the building interaction menu, then press ‘a’ to add a new task. Find the “Make Mug” or “Make Goblet” option and press Enter to queue the job. You can queue multiple mug-making tasks to keep your workshop busy.

Step 5: Monitor Production and Stockpiles

Keep an eye on your workshop’s progress, ensuring your dwarves have enough raw materials and are producing mugs efficiently. Create a stockpile near the workshop designated for finished mugs to streamline the process and make it easier for your dwarves to access the mugs when needed.


How many mugs do I need for my fortress?

The number of mugs you need depends on the size of your fortress and the number of dwarves living there. Generally, having one mug per dwarf is sufficient. However, having a few extra on hand is always a good idea in case more dwarves join your fortress.

What is the purpose of mugs in Dwarf Fortress?

Mugs, also known as goblets, serve as drinking vessels for your dwarves. Dwarves need mugs to drink alcohol, their primary source of hydration. Without mugs, your dwarves will become unhappy, and their productivity and morale will suffer.

Can I trade mugs with other civilizations?

Yes, you can trade mugs with visiting merchants from other civilizations. Mugs crafted from valuable materials, such as precious metals or high-quality glass, can fetch a higher price during trading.

How to Make Mugs in Dwarf Fortress Summary

Mastering the art of mug-making in Dwarf Fortress is essential to keeping your dwarves happy and hydrated. By gathering the right materials, setting up an appropriate workshop, assigning skilled dwarves, and monitoring the production process, you can ensure a steady supply of mugs for your fortress.

With these steps in mind, your dwarves will be able to enjoy their favorite brews in style, and your fortress will continue to thrive. Remember to create enough mugs for your population and always have a few extra on hand, as they serve a vital role in maintaining your dwarves’ well-being.

Now that you know how to make mugs in Dwarf Fortress, you’re one step closer to creating a successful, thriving settlement.

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