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Gone are the days that filmmakers used to depend on darkroom and printing to digitalize the negatives. Now is the era of digital scanners. Digital scanners not only simplify document sharing but also help photographers to find an easy solution to digitalize old as well as new photographs. And this is why people are always looking for an excellent slide to digital convertor in today’s time.

Other than the benefits as mentioned earlier, there are many advantages of digital scanners to film markers, photographers, business persons and a lot of other people. Digital scanners help in rapid communication by sending high quality scanned documents than using email or fax. It eliminates large quantities of paperwork. Businesspersons can use digital scanners to convert business cards into softcopies easily. Here we’ll pick up the best slide to digital converter for your work-related help.

Slides to digital convertors are some of the most cost-effective devices that you can purchase to digitalize your documents and convert them into soft copies before they turn entirely to dust. One time investment is more affordable than going to the professional to get your slides, negatives and photos converted into digital copies.

We have listed some of the most famous film and slide scanners for slide convertors best buy:

Top 10 best slide to digital converter mentioned below

1. Jumbl 22MP All-in-1 Film & Slide Scanner

Jumbl 22MP All-In-1 Film & Slide Scanner w/Speed-Load Adapters for 35mm Negative & Slides, 110, 126, Super 8 Films

  • Scans & Digitizes 35mm Slides & Negatives, 110, 126 KPK, and Super 8 Slides & Negative
  • Included Speed Loaders Means No Reload for Each Slide/Negative

Jumbl products are often known for being easy to use. The Jumbl 22MP All-in-1 Film & Slide Scanner is one such product that is preferred by armatures and professionals alike.

Let us take a look at the key features along with some of the pros and cons of the photo slide convertor.


  • Scans 35mm negatives, films and slides, super 8 slides 126 and 110 KPK
  • Includes built-in speed loaders
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • Does not require any computer- it can store the image on its internal memory


  • Includes speed loaders and therefore, reduces the time for reloads.
  • Built-in interpolation to ramp up the quality to 22 MP.
  • The device saves the image to optional memory card/ internal memory of 128 MB.
  • The device can easily digitalize Super 8 slides and negatives, 126 KPK, 110, and 35mm negatives and slides.
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • The excellent price point for this slide and negative converter


  • It has a cheap build quality
  • The interface is tough to use for most people

2. DIGITNOW! 135 Film Negative Scanner

DIGITNOW! 135 Film Negative Scanner High Resolution Slide Viewer,Convert 35mm Film &Slide to Digital JPEG Save into SD Card, with Slide Mounts Feeder No Computer/Software Required

  • Includes adjustable rapid slide feeder; Once you digitize them into JPG files they can be copied, moved, duplicated freely with a simple click of a mouse.
  • 5/10 Mega Pixel Stand alone Film/Slide, scan film to your SD card(up to 32GB SDHC) in 1800DPI high resolution

The DIGITNOW! 135 Film Negative Scanner High-Resolution Slide Viewer has been accredited by various customers as one of the simplest options to use a digital scanner. According to various surveys, it’s a popular option for the majority of the users when it comes to convert slides to digital modes. We have elaborated on the features and various pros and cons of the device below:


  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • 5.0 MP image sensors
  • 5/ 10 MP resolution with slide converters
  • External memory to support SD card up to 32 GB
  • 1800 and 3600 DPI scan quality
  • Scans 35mm films and slides
  • Supports on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and also Mac OS
  • Real-time adjustable contrast
  • 35mm slide converter


  • Adjustable rapid slide feeder to convert JPG files with a single click easily
  • Easy to operate; the interface is simple, this is why it is called as the best slide converter
  • There is no need to PC connection to operate the scanner
  • Comes in multi-languages such as English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian


  • The screen size is small as compared to other scanners of its kind
  • When connected to the TV using a cable, the image appears in black and white and not in colour
  • There is almost no difference between 5 MP and 10 MP scans

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3. Wolverine F2D Mighty 20MP 7-in-1 Film to Digital Converter

Wolverine F2D Mighty 20MP 7-in-1 Film to Digital Converter (Orange)

  • Convert 7 type of Film into Digital in SECONDS. Converter of Slides & Negatives into digital JPEG’s for 35mm, 127, 126KPK, 110 and 35mm library Archives.
  • Take JPEG snapshots from your 8mm and Super 8 Reels and recompile into a video. UNIQUE Speed-Load adapters for fast loading of slides & Negatives.

Wolverine scanners are one of the most trusted products. The product easily coverts 35mm, 126 and 127 KPK, 110 slides into digital images at ease. For those who would like to use the device along with internal memory can buy this device. It is a device to convert slides to digital, which is extremely popular in terms of user’s demand.


  • 128 MB RAM
  • 32 GB memory card
  • 20 MP max resolution
  • 2.5 inches screen
  • Comes with a removable memory
  • It operates on PC, Mac or stand-alone. You can consider it as an excellent slide to digital image converter


  • The device is lightweight
  • Converts 35mm, 126, 127 and 110 slides, regular 8mm and super 8 negatives
  • Converts slides and films in digital 20 MP
  • Built-in speed load adaptors that loads slides and negatives fast
  • 2.4-inch colour screen
  • Save image to internal memory or SD cards


  • The pictures may get cropped from the top
  • It does not perform for movie strips super 8 or 8mm.

4. KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner - Converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 & 8mm Film Negatives & Slides to JPEG - Includes Large Tilt-Up 3.5" LCD, Easy-Load Film Inserts, Adapters & More

  • FILM TO JPEG IN SECONDS – Powerful 14/22MP KODAK Film Scanner Converts Old 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 & 8mm Negatives …
  • LARGE, BRIGHT 3.5” TFT LCD – High Definition Built-In Color Display Features Adjustable Brightness & Convenient Tilt for Easy Operation & Image Viewing

It is one among the most preferred non-professional film scanners from Kodak. The product comes with different accessories such as USB, HDMI and video out cables. It also has plastic film holders, AC adapter and a surface cleaner. Listed below are the key features and pros and cons of the same:


  • Integrated interpolation which enhances the quality of the image to 22 MP
  • Large 3.5 inches screen
  • Weighs 1.3 pounds
  • USB and HDMI connectivity
  • Features an SD card slot
  • Works well with 110, 126, super 8, 8 mm and 35 mm formats
  • 3 numbered slide inserts and 3 numbered adapter trays


  • This device is easy to use
  • It is fast and only takes a couple of seconds to scan a negative
  • The screen is more significant than most other devices
  • There is a home button so that you can easily navigate back to the home page
  • The device also features a capture button to capture the current image
  • It can also return to capture view screen
  • Offers effortless navigation facilities


  • The quality is not as excellent as a professional lab scan
  • There are many similar and even better products available for a lower price
  • The scanned image often appears cropped

5. Magnasonic All-in-One High-Resolution 22MP Film Scanner

Magnasonic All-in-One High Resolution 22MP Film Scanner, Converts 35mm/126KPK/110/Super 8 Films, Slides, Negatives into Digital Photos, Vibrant 2.4" LCD Screen, Impressive 128MB Built-in Memory

  • Effortlessly convert your 35mm, 126KPK,110, Super 8 and Negatives into premium high resolution 22MP digital photo JPEG files…
  • View your scanned slides and films with the built-in, vibrant full color, 2.4 inch LCD screen or directly onto your television with the included Video Out TV cable…

Magnasonic All-in-One High-Resolution 22MP Film Scanner is known for the convenience of its use. The device is quick to scan all your images in documents just in a couple of seconds.

Here we have discussed its best features:


  • It effortlessly converts images, slides, documents and films into digital picture and slides
  • It is one of the best devices to convert 35mm, 110 and 126 KPK and super 8 films into JPEG photos
  • The device has 128 MB of built-in memory
  • Features 2.4-inch colour TFT LCD
  • It has an automatic white balance
  • 14/ 22 megapixels interpolation
  • LED backlight
  • 3200/ 4000 DPI Interpolation


  • When it comes to advantages, then the first point is it’s compatible with a wide range of films and slides
  • The device also has excellent memory and storage potential
  • The scanner has 32 GB of optional memory; you can save your images unless you are ready to transfer it
  • High quality 22 MP images Cons:
  • It is fast and scans pictures for you in less than 5 seconds


  • Poor output quality
  • Other high-quality alternatives are available at the same price

6. Wolverine Titan 8-in-1 High-Resolution Film to Digital Converter

Wolverine Titan 8-in-1 High Resolution Film to Digital Converter with 4.3" Screen and HDMI Output (Yellow)

  • Convert 35mm, 127 (1.5×1. 5″), 126Kpk, 110, Advantex APS slides & negatives into digital in three seconds
  • New large 4.3″ Color screen
  • New HDMI to-out jack to view images on TV in hi-def. (cable not included)

It is one of the higher-end products for use. It also comes at a higher price as compared to other digital converters. Nonetheless, it offers quick conversion of images and files with unmatched quality.

Here we shall discuss a few features and pros and cons of the device:


  • Easily converts 35mm, APS, Super 8 and 110,126 and 127 KPK
  • It is also compatible with PC or Mac
  • 4.3-inch screen
  • It comes with HDMI output
  • Built-in speed load adapters


  • The device is stand-alone which implies that there is no need for any other computer software
  • HDMI to-out jack in order to view images on TV
  • The images are high definition without missing out on a single detail
  • The screen is more extensive than most of the digital adapters in the market
  • Comes with a viewing screen
  • The speed offered by this device is unmatchable. It takes less than 3 seconds to digitalize an image
  • The product is also stylish and great to look at


  • The final resolution can only be up to 20 MP
  • For the price, the outcome could have been better

7. DIGITNOW 22MP All-in-1 Film & Slide Scanner

DIGITNOW 22MP All-in-1 Film & Slide Scanner, Converts 35mm 135 110 126 and Super 8 Films/Slides/Negatives to Digital JPG Photos, Built-in 128MB Memory, 2.4 LCD Screen

  • Converts 35mm/135, 110, 126Kpk and super 8 films, slides & negatives into digital JPEG format within 2 seconds.
  • Stand-Alone and no computer required, tranfers your old film/slides to Color or Black&White picture in SD card(up to 32GB, not included) …

If the negatives that you have only come in 35/ 135 mm format, you can choose the film scanner by DIGITNOW to get them converted successfully to the digital format. But one of the major concerns for buyers considering the device is the price as well as the quality. Thus, it can be considered one among the best digital image converter.

We have elaborated on various features of the device below:


  • The device comes with slide slacker that enables rapid slide feeding
  • It has a bright LCD screen for viewing
  • The device also has 22/ 16 MP resolution
  • USB 2.0
  • It also has 128 MB Built-in memory
  • Comes with speed loading adapters
  • All-in-one scanner
  • TV and PC out with cables
  • One-touch scanning


  • The device is high-speed and converts images into digital files within only 2 seconds
  • The photos can be stored in the device in 128 MB internal storage and optional memory
  • It can scan various types of films and slides
  • It also comes with the complete kit scanner, negative adapter, slide adapter, cleaning brush, manual and more
  • Interpolation allows high-quality images


  • The device does not include any SD card which is needed for use
  • The maximum resolution is only 10 MP
  • The picture quality is not great like other slide convertors
  • The product has mixed rating and slides convertor reviews

8. KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner

KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner – Converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 & 8mm Film Negatives & Slides to 22 Megapixel JPEG Images – Includes - 2.4 LCD Screen – Easy Load Film Adapters

  • AMAZING MINIATURE FILM SCANNER – All-in-One Device Lets You Scan, View, Edit, Convert & Save Old 135, 126, 110, Super 8 & Monochrome Negatives & Slides…
  • MULTIPLE ADAPTERS FOR FAST LOADING – Enjoy Maximum Compatibility & Ease of Conversion w/ a Variety of Adapters Designed for Fast, Continuous Loading; ..

This digital scanner from Kodak is more on the pricier side. It is one of the most compatible devices to scan films, negatives and slides. It also features easy to use interface. This is one of the products in the list of best slide convertors.

The points mentioned below is an insight into the products and various details associated with the same.


  • The device has a compact size
  • Comes with adjustable brightness
  • It is compatible with 120, 110. 135, Super 8 films and slides
  • It has built-in storage of 128 MB
  • 3-in-1 international wall adapter
  • Home and scan buttons
  • Supports external memory up to 32 GB


  • 14/ 22 Megapixel resolution which ensures that the image comes in high quality
  • You can save the picture in the device’s internal storage itself
  • Multiple adapters provide fast loading of the images
  • The films can be converted to high-quality pictures up to 22 MP
  • The user interface is easy to navigate which makes it ones of the best digital image converter


  • The product is a bit costly
  • It is not for people who are looking out for better features in slide to digital converters

9. ClearClick Film To USB Converter 35mm Slide

ClearClick Film to USB Converter 35mm Slide and Negative Scanner with 2.3" Color LCD, 2 GB Memory Card, Free USA Tech Support

  • Scan Negatives & Slides To Digital JPG Format (Scans At 5 Megapixels/10 Megapixels Interpolated)
  • Works With 35mm Negatives & Color Or Monochrome Slides

ClearClick products are relatively new in the market, and therefore, it is still left for the buyers to find out. It seems as though the products under the brand umbrella is similar in comparison to its predecessors. Just like another slide to digital converter, this product also loads the film into units and saves the outcome image.

Let us help you in finding out all the top features of this 35mm slide converter.


  • Interpolated at 5/ 10 megapixels
  • Quickly scans negative and slides into the digital format in less than 5 seconds
  • Includes 8 GB memory card
  • Saves the photos directly to the device. Therefore, it does not require any PC or Mac
  • Works the best with 35 mm negatives and slides. In fact, it is considered as the best slide converter.


  • High-quality pictures that are the result of 22 MP interpolated resolution, which helps in converting slides to digital
  • The device comes with 8 GB memory card
  • It also includes PhotoPad Professional Editing software
  • It is one of the cheapest options in the slide and negative convertor.


  • It only has 4 formats available as compared to Wolverine Mighty device to convert slides into digital
  • The product is yet to be explored by people, and therefore, it has limited reviews available

10. ZONOZ FS-3 22MP All-in-1 Film & Slide Converter Scanner

The ZONOZ FS-3 22MP All-in-1 Film & Slide Converter Scanner boasts of having one of the most intuitive designs in digital slide converters. The device comes along with the negative adapter, slide adapter, TV cable, multi-voltage power adapter, cleaning brush, super 8 inserts, 110 inserts, USB cable and user manual. This is detailed slide converters reviews will help you in selecting the best one according to your budget.

The device also has various features. Here we have enlisted the top-notch features of this fantastic device that have made it a user favourite product among all.


  • 2.4-inch screen
  • 22 MP that scans every detail from films and documents
  • Scanning resolution and brightness
  • Allows elimination of loading errors by flip/ mirror images
  • This is a stand-alone device which is immensely popular among the users, that requires no computers
  • Images can be stored in internal memory and optional memory cards


  • The product is acclaimed by the customers
  • The quality of the images are high
  • It is regarded as one of the best digital image convertors in the market


  • The device is tough to clean due to the semi-enclosed design
  • The print quality is not the best

Final Verdict:

There are various digital film and slide scanners in the market today. All you have to do is carefully consider the pros and cons of each before you buy. If you are looking to purchase digital scanners and filmmakers on the cheap online, you must find slide converter review and ratings of each product.

It is also essential to clean and maintain negative to digital converters. You must keep it away from dirt and dust as to ensure better longevity of the device. Slide digital convertors are best bought after considering the features, pros and cons of the device.